A literary analysis of the issue of sexism in the novel by sherwood anderson

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A literary analysis of the issue of sexism in the novel by sherwood anderson

The Open Window by H.

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Previous studies of Sherwood Anderson’s modernist masterpiece Winesburg, Ohio have frequently focused on issues of gender and androgyny. I will examine the manifestations of gender in the novel .

This paper aims at a feminist reading of Sherwood Anderson's novel Winesburg, Ohio, which addresses the themes of alienation and estrangement and pursues their profound effects on women.

A literary analysis of the issue of sexism in the novel by sherwood anderson

This study investigates the image of the woman in many short stories; such as, "Mother", "Death", "Tandy". In this panel, editors and contributors to the recently released Literary Publishing in the Twenty-first Century debate and interrogate issues of success, power, diversity, and politics (among others) as literary publishing—and authors—look to the next thirty years.

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