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Geological and geochemical characteristics of large gas fields in China Based on a comprehensive analysis, the geological and geochemical characteristics of large gas fields in China were summarized in this paper. By the end ofaltogether 48 large gas fields had been discovered in China, with their proven reserves accounting for The main geological and geochemical characteristics of large gas fields in China are as follows:

Abstracts of 2 articles wanjing

Acupuncture and knee osteoarthritis - a threearmed randomized trial. Ann Intern Med ; 1: Arch Intern Med ; Acupuncture in patients with chronic low back pain: Arch Intern Med ; 4: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials of acupuncture in the treatment of depression.

J Affect Disord ;97 Framework for design and evaluation of complex interventions to improve health. Clinical trials of acupuncture: Complement Ther Med ;9 4: The significance of needle placement site in acupuncture. J Psychosom Res ;33 4: Issues to consider in determining an adequate treatment in a clinical trial of acupuncture.

Complement Ther Med ;5: Clinical Research in Complementary Therapies: Principles, Problems and Solutions. Developing methods for acupuncture research: Altern Ther Health Med ;9 5: Paterson C, Dieppe P. Characteristic and incidental placebo effects in complex interventions such as acupuncture.

Components of placebo effect: Acupuncture and chronic pain mechanisms. J Clin Psychiatry ;67 Han JS, Terenius L. Neurochemical basis of acupuncture analgesia. Annu Rev Pharmacol Toxicol ; How might acupuncture work? A systematic review of physiologic rationales from clinical trials.

Acupuncture de qi, from qualitative history to quantitative measurement. J Altern Complement Med ;13 The impact of patient expectations on outcomes in four randomized controlled trials of acupuncture in patients with chronic pain. Lidocaine injection versus dry needling to myofascial trigger point.

The importance of the local twitch response. Am J Phys Med Rehabil ;73 4: Filshie J, White AR. Lundeberg T, Lund I. The influence on sleep and the effects of acupuncture.

Acupunct Med ;25 4: J Altern Complement Med ;3, Supp 1: Standards for reporting interventions in controlled trials of acupuncture: Acupunct Med ;20 1: A systematic study of acupuncture practice: Complement Ther Med ;12 4: Acupuncture for tennis elbow: Acupunct Med ;20 4:Wanjing Huang Abstract: Asiatic acid (AA), a pentacyclic triterpene derived from the tropical medicinal plant, has been widely used as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

Cover Credits: Golden Gate Bridge, Wikimedia Commons/Rich Niewiroski Jr. (CC BY ). AT&T Park Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco Travel Association/Scott Chernis. Chinese New Year, San Francisco Travel Association/Corbett Lee.

ABSTRACT: Equilibrium partitioning coefficients between an industrial coal tar sample and water (KCT/w) were determined for 41 polar and nonpolar solutes in batch systems.

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Abstracts of 2 articles wanjing

This allows for quick retrieval by users and limits the extraneous items recalled by a “full-text” search. Medical and scientific articles about Coal Tar, written by Wanjing Xu. Xiaowen Liu 1, Tianyu Cai 1, Wanjing Ding 1, Chong Zhang 1, Yuchen Zhao 1, Hong Zhu 1, Yanfei Shao 2, Qiaojun He 1, and Bo Yang 1 1 Zhejiang Univ., Hangzhou, China 2 Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, Hangzhou, China.

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