Acc220 internal cash control

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Acc220 internal cash control

Some basic procedures will go a long way toward prevention of errors or fraud. Understanding Probably the most important requirement is for the owner of a small business to understand the cash flow of the business. The owner should understand the cash receipts cycle, from billing and collection to bank deposits.

The owner should understand the cash disbursement cycle, from purchases through signing Acc220 internal cash control checks.

It is important that the owner understand how cash transactions are entered into the business software and the reports available from the software.

While the owner inevitably relies on employees, he or she should have full knowledge of the details of what each employee is doing. This knowledge, and the habit of frequent involvement, makes effective owner oversight possible.

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Cash Receipts The person who opens the mail should enter all receipts received for the day in a log. If possible, a separate employee should enter the receipts into the business software, and prepare a deposit slip.

Accounts receivable should be reconciled to make sure that all receipts have been applied to customer receivables. The owner or a separate person should make the bank deposit. The owner should compare the cash receipts log, the deposit detail report from the business software, the accounts receivable aging report, and the bank deposit slip, to make sure there are no discrepancies.

Cash Disbursements Purchases should generally require approval by the owner, as should the modification of vendors in the accounting software. That person, or another, should then enter the invoice into the business software as accounts payable.

After checks are prepared, invoices should be attached for owner review and approval. The person preparing checks should not be the person who signs checks.

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The owner should review the invoices and checks before signing. The invoices should be marked as paid, with supporting documentation to prevent double payment. There should be a limited number of approved check signers, as well as individuals who can authorize electronic transfers.

Blank checks should be kept in a secure location. Monitoring and Review An important and low cost control is for the owner to receive the bank statements directly. Bank statements should be opened by the owner and reviewed before they are given to the bookkeeper. Cancelled checks should be examined for payee, signature, and endorsement.

Anything unexpected should be questioned, including unknown vendors. One type of fraud involves payments to fictitious vendors.

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The owner should go online frequently to review bank transactions rather than waiting for the monthly bank statement. This is especially important for review of electronic transfers. Bank reconciliations are a key control over cash.

They should be performed or closely reviewed by the owner. In order to do this, the owner needs to understand the mechanics of a bank reconciliation. If the bank reconciliation is performed in the business software, the owner needs to know how to use the software.

Without this, it is not possible to effectively review the bank reconciliation. The steps listed above are a good start toward internal control of cash. Segregation of duties and routine effective owner oversight made possible by thorough understanding of the cash transaction cycle, are the keys to good internal control.

Acc220 internal cash control

Of course there are other controls, but implementing these will help prevent errors and fraud. Importantly, they will also help maintain more accurate accounting records. For further recommendations and help with internal controls, call a KOS professional at Grantham University offers an online B.S.

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Indicate the weaknesses in internal accounting control in the handling of collections. One of the main issues I see is with the collections. The ushers, after collecting the plates, take them to the basement, for one person, by themselves to count, and notate how much money is actually there.

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Since cash is the most liquid of all assets, a business cannot survive and prosper if it does not have adequate control over its cash. Cash is the asset that has the greatest chance of “going missing” and this is why we must ensure that we have strong internal controls build around the cash process.

Background. UCSD transacts thousands of dollars in over-the-counter business every day. To ensure that you protect, accurately process, and properly report University assets, follow the internal control practices of separating duties, obtaining appropriate authorizations and approvals, securing assets, and reconciling cash.

Internal Cash Control 2 There are many flaws in the internal cash control system at the Idaho Company in regards to cash disbursements.

The first issue is that they do not have an establishment of responsibility. Establishment of responsibility is giving control of specific accounting functions to a specific person within an organization (Kimball, .

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