An analysis of dorothy chins the internet encourages isolation

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An analysis of dorothy chins the internet encourages isolation

She told me a story involving the 4-year-old daughter of a friend of hers. Awaiting a doctor's appointment, the girl wanted to know if the doctor was "dark" because "dark people" were "scary. Or maybe the child had picked it up from television?

As I logged off, a thought started to come together. While racist assumptions are arguably deep and institutionalized, there may also be simpler culprits; limited experience with people outside of one's own ethnic group and faulty reasoning.

They go together like this: I've only seen one or two black people limited experienceand they scared me; if this doctor is black, she will also scare me faulty reasoning.

An analysis of dorothy chins the internet encourages isolation

Faulty reasoning is normal in children and changes over time as the child's capacity to think develops. Limited experience, however, needs to be combated.

If we get to know more people of other ethnic groups, we would be forced to make finer discriminations about them than those based merely on gross physical characteristics such as skin color or eye shape. Racist undertones aside, the idea that "all Asians look alike," for example, is a lumping of people based on the most superficial scanning of their physical features.

What is frightening, however, is that chances for getting to know people different from ourselves may be diminishing. How can this be? After all, we are now citizens of the "global village," where our packages can be delivered to the remotest corners of the world in a day, guaranteed, and we're all linked up through long distance lines, faxes and the Internet.

An analysis of dorothy chins the internet encourages isolation

But take a look around: Is it possible that we are getting closer and farther apart at the same time? The computer allows me to e-mail friends who otherwise would have been cut adrift, for which I'm thankful, and also to have "conversations" with people I've never met, which makes me uneasy.

Whenever I avail myself of this pseudo social interaction, I suspect it's because I'm too lazy and uncreative to go out and find the real thing. Web site designers know the real thing is better.

Why do you think they call their sites "cafes" and typing on the keyboard "chatting"? The technology only reinforces the barriers in my life that prevent me from meeting and interacting with people--people with whom I can have a real cup of spillable coffee.

Of course, the communications technology has opened up the world to some people and connected them in profound ways; for example, the disabled person who is able to communicate much more easily with others. But it can also end up being an instrument of fear.

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