An introduction to the enrichment experience galena illinois

Activity,Class Event Details Using historical photographs, maps, political cartoons, and other period images combined with historical analysis, Dr. Antonio Delgado will tell this important, yet little known American story.

An introduction to the enrichment experience galena illinois

Mathletes Students learn that learning math can be fun.

An introduction to the enrichment experience galena illinois

They play different math games and activities, strengthening their math skills. Robotics Students build their own robots. They also use laptops to program the robots, giving them different commands. They will learn the test structure, techniques, and strategies in addition to reviewing the material that may come up on the tests.

Tutoring Students get tutoring on various subjects to help them improve their understanding of the material and to improve their grades. Peer to peer tutoring is also available. Animal Encounters A different animal visits the site every week. The students come in contact with it, learn about it, and create some type of art piece associated with the animal.

Additionally, it opens the door to other cultures.

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Spanish Splash will focus on exposing the students to the music and dance of the different cultures that embrace the Spanish language. They also recite their pieces, which helps to improve their public speaking skills.

An introduction to the enrichment experience galena illinois

Graphic Design Students explore the world of design at their fingertips for projects like t-shirts designs, poster art, and marketing ads. Dance Styles Students learn routines that incorporate different moves and techniques. Some dance styles include Hip Hop, Latin, and Contemporary.

Guitar This program gives students with an inner rock star a chance to exhibit their skills associated with guitar, students would learn how to read music and write their own melody. Music Production Music production is designed for students who are interested in learning more about how to produce, record, or mix songs.

The students are able to use laptops provided by the facilitator to create their piece. Drama Students learn how to write, block, and perform their own scripts and sketches. Comic Book Students learn the ins and outs of putting together their very own comic book.

Culminated by the printing of their own comic book at the end of the session. Urban Art Students work on projects that involve canvasses, markers, and spray paint to create portraits, scenes, signs, logos, etc. Karaoke Idol Students can sing along with their favorite songs.

They sing and dance while using their senses to produce language and rhythm by listening to the voices and sounds around them and to follow the movements of others. Photography Students learned different photography techniques and use the school, the students, and the cameras to take pictures and use those methods.

Students will learn everything about clay from basic shapes to more elaborate creations. Fashion Design Students create handbags, wallets, curtains, clothing, etc using sewing machines to help express themselves through fashion.along as an introduction to the subject.

These enrichment activities support and supplement academic skills. Galena Union Railroad opens. The Illinois and Michigan Canal linking the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River opens. 4 Chicago’s population is 29, Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more.

Get started now! These 15 Unique Restaurants In Illinois Will Give You An Unforgettable Dining Experience. Read it Galena, Illinois The historic charm of this mining town's six-block Main Street will make you feel like you took a time machine to a different decade. I live in Chicago, with a retirement home in Galena, Illinois.


I am an Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicag more I live in Chicago, with a retirement home in Galena, Illinois. I am an Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago (Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies). CSU Merit Scholarship Enrichment Workshop Information Form.

The purpose of the CSU Merit Scholarship Enrichment Workshop Information Form is to provide CSU students and the campus community the opportunity to participate in upcoming workshops. Before filling out CSU Merit Scholarship Enrichment Workshop Information Form, you should have already received confirmation of your room .

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Jul 07,  · We reorganized the vehicles by gender and drove to Galena. Galena is the part of Illinois that is not flat and I enjoyed the scenery as my son and nephew chattered on about all things Mine-craft. The trip took about 2 hours.

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