Big m cinema essay

History[ edit ] The history of cinema in India extends back to the beginning of the film era.

Big m cinema essay

StatisticsDataParking Pages: December 6, Contents Main objective of the study2 Type of design3 Nature and sources of design3 Methods of data collection5 Measurement and scaling of variables10 Sample design16 Data analysis plan17 Main objective of the study The main objective of our research is to find out how to improve the ticket sales of Big Cinemas.

For this purpose we analyzed both internal and external environment of big cinema. We also determined the strength and weakness of it in comparison to its competitors.

We have considered various factors to find out whether ticket sales can be increased or not. Some of the factors are as follows: Since most of the youths are students they prefer reasonable price. If the price is reasonable the ticket sale can be increased.

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Location of the theatre matters to those who donot have private vehicle. Therefore public transportation should be available to that particular location.

If more access to public transportation more crowd can be generated and there will be high sale of ticket. Parking facility and parking charge are important factors that should be considered for high sale of ticket. Parking facility matters to those who have private vehicle.

If there is access to parking area than people would like to visit that particular place. Seat capacity should be high in number. As mentioned before major customers are youngsters. So in order to attract more youth and student they should come up with different scheme and also should provide this group with special discount to increase the ticket sale.

Type of research design Research design may be broadly classified as exploratory or conclusive. They both differ from each other. Exploratory research is one type of research design,which has its primary objectives the provision of insights into and comprehension of the problem situation confronting the researcher.

Whereas conclusive research design is to assist the decision maker in determining,evaluating and selecting the best course of action to take in a given situation.

The type of design our research follows is exploratory design. In our research the major problem is how can we increase our ticket sales as it is low and for this purpose we have collected various data i.

The information needed is only loosely defined at this stage. The research process that is adopted is flexible and unstructured. Therefore, our research follows exploratory design.

Nature and sources of data The data used in our research are:Impacts of the Mafia The Mafia is an Italian secret criminal society.

The Mafia, or syndicate, impacts cities all around the world. Most of the effects of the Mafia are negative, but there can be several positive effects on the culture and economy of the cities in which it frequents.

Dec 06,  · In this essay I am going to talk about the cinema of attractions and its main characteristics with examples from several early films, with an emphasis on ‘Un homme de têtes’ (Georges Méliès, ) and L'arrivée d'un train à la Ciotat (Auguste and Louis Lumière,).

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Enjoy the original trailer for the so-bad-it's-fun horror movie spoof "The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini" that somehow boasts an eclectic cast consisting of esteemed movie greats along with cult film favorites.

The page devoted to Books About Korean Cinema has been given an extensive and long-overdue update, including some very recent publications. If there are any books that you think should be added to this page, send me an email!

A passive 3D system using polarized glasses is the type most often used in cinema – the most common system being RealD Cinema.

Big m cinema essay

This method provides an effective 3D effect and polarized glasses are relatively cheap to make, and so it is the most cost-effective way of providing 3D to large audiences. Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and Rooney Mara as his girlfriend Erica in The Social Network.

How long is a generation these days? I must be in Mark Zuckerberg’s generation—there are only nine years between us—but somehow it doesn’t feel that way.

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