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Case petroil

Encased in coral, host to abundant sea life, and a popular destination for scuba-loving tourists, these tankers, destroyers, and other vessels also contain noxious cargo: Chuuk's so-called Ghost Fleet includes dozens of Japanese ships, many of which were destroyed during a three-day attack by Allied forces in February For decades, scientists and governments have said it was best to leave these shipwrecks alone.

Cleanup is laborious, expensive, and can cause its own problems if handled incorrectly, releasing oil or other pollutants into ocean waters. Most of the ships also double as underwater military graves, sacred sites that no one wants to violate.

But concern about corrosion—which occurs faster in warm water—is prompting increased investigation of Chuuk's aging Ghost Fleet and roughly 3, other World War Case petroil ships from at least four different countries languishing throughout the Pacific.

A number of these sunken wrecks lie in the waters around Papua New Guinea and the Republic of Palau, a Micronesian archipelago to the west of Chuuk. Some environmentalists worry that these wrecks—which are also vulnerable to improper anchoring, dynamite fishing, and storms—pose potential hazards to marine Case petroil, beaches, mangroves that protect coastlines, and local economies.

Researchers say that the ships, constructed of iron and steel and already submerged for plus years, may be reaching a tipping point and all of them could break down—and leak—at around the same time. Surveying the Case petroil by boat and from a small plane during a two-month period inBarrett often found a thin film of fuel on the lagoon's surface.

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He traced one source of the pollution to a large Japanese tanker, the Hoyo Maru, which was sunk by an American bomb during the attack and now rests upside down on the sea floor.

This summer, researchers from the international environmental group Earthwatch confirmed that the same tanker, built to hold two million gallons of fuel, is still leaking oil into this ecologically rich lagoon, home to turtles, more than species of fish, and at least one rare coral.

Earthwatch also identified a smaller oil slick coming from a nearby Japanese submarine tender, the Rio de Janeiro Maru.

Case petroil

Risks Vary The risk posed by a wreck depends on where the vessel sits, the types and amount of fuel on board, and the local environment, says Douglas Helton of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's NOAA Office of Response and Restoration, which evaluates and responds to many ocean hazards.

A wreck in a sensitive lagoon, for example, may pose a greater potential hazard than one that's sunk 5, feet underwater.

Case petroil

Thomas Buck, a U. Navy spokesperson, says via email. Most were built to hold millions of gallons of oil. And while the exact number of sunken fuel tankers is unknown, an Australian maritime consulting firm, SEA Australia, has counted among the 3, Pacific wrecks from that era, including three in Chuuk Lagoon.

In the case of the Hoyo Maru, the Japanese government, which still has rights over the tanker, acknowledges local concerns and requested a Chuuk-based Japanese diver to look at the oil leaking from the tanker, "but none could be seen on the day of the inspection," Earthwatch's Jeffery says via email.

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All three countries say their wrecks are maritime graves and cannot be salvaged by anyone else without permission. At the same time, they generally don't act unless they receive a specific request for help from nations affected by the wrecks.

Mississinewa, a tanker sunk in by a Japanese suicide submarine near the Micronesian island of Yap. Inthe Mississinewa was jostled by a typhoon and began releasing more than gallons of fuel a day on and off for a year-and-a-half.

Micronesia declared a state of emergency and temporarily banned fishing, which island residents depend on for income and subsistence. Following a couple of patchups, the Navy organized a comprehensive cleanup in that required nine Navy commands unitsat least two barges, and approximately 15 divers who underwent at least 10 days of training beforehand.

The divers used an advanced technique called hot tapping—in which submersible hoses are attached to oil or fuel tanks and the liquid is pumped to a barge on the water's surface—to offload most of the ship's remaining oil.

Prevention and Assessment Some conservationists believe assessing wrecks is the best way to avert problems. Assessing the likelihood of a spill for the highest-risk wrecks may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but that's certainly cheaper than the millions required to offload oil from leaking vessels like the Mississinewa, notes Gilbert, a marine pollution expert who researched the World War II wrecks for Pacific island governments and has worked extensively with SEA Australia.c.

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