Caste and patriarchy

This statement about dalit intellectuals commenting on feminism is surely backed by solid evidence, given that it is being made to the national audience of this newspaper. What are the citations? Consider its contents at their face value:

Caste and patriarchy

The Ideology of Male Indispensability: The barbarity, inhumanity, cruelty and maleness at its usual worst has been rightly and powerfully denounced by more than one woman and including some of Caste and patriarchy distinguished Indian English writers and shown it all for what it is in the context of the violations of women participating in a New Year Party.

But that is not all. It is only a matter of time that this Bangalore botch-up almost certainly will bring the worst backlash.

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Well, Nirbhaya movement came in the wake of a genuinely widespread outrage and the simmering new political shift, soon to take power in elections, was part of it. An atrocity of that kind is one of the very few issues that unite all sections of always fragmented Indian society in condemning them.

Additionally, the victim was murdered after being tortured. Even governments, while worrying about damage to their reputation with electoral consequences, tend to do as much as they could, even while lacking the means and mentalities required for the task at their disposal, at least until the political and community connections, corruption, bribes etc.

It had something positive and affirmative to practice and to display, however wrongly their slogans or targets are chosen. The attempted Nirbhaya II in Bangalore in the wake of mass molestation during the usual New Year parties has none of those strengths.

To begin with, it is not even definitive that such a mass atrocity actually took place. This false and farcical Nirbhaya II only has the strength of justice, power of an undeniable point, only in abstract unmoored in the events it invokes, even if it is unappealing to most people in society.

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It then failed to move masses and probably succeed only in bringing the most disgusting forms of backlash, far faster than if this Media-NGO cultural coup did not botch it all up. It is not difficult to discern the characteristic manipulations of all upper caste Hindu rebellions and because they are oozing out of everything they are doing and saying.


Ersatz yet fluent passions is a constant in their campaigns. Things have not changed with the upper caste elite campaigns in their basic contours from the time they invented anti-Reservation mass mobilisation in the late 80s Gujarat. Police trying to disperse the crowd during New year celebrations in Bengaluru city in India.

AFP When Hindu Nazist cadre set out to do the same, or better, to do the real one, on a larger scale, more blatantly, on cameras, in the name of protecting great Hindu culture and morals and punishing the immoral and degenerate Western culture, none of these gender warriors would be so aggressive and radical in their denunciations of patriarchy and hounding of the government.

Additionally, governments headed by these two ideological parties counter attack their opponents.

Caste and patriarchy

Then what is wrong with such selective seizing upon of the opportunities? All of that is true. Only trouble is that the people who pull the coups should show some awareness of it.

By outsiders, she might have meant not the kind of people who live in posh localities, or maybe they are from Karnataka but outside Bangalore city.

Caste and patriarchy

The Right to City effortlessly transforms itself into an Exclusive Right to City in moments like this.While endogamy is critical to caste and the reproduction of caste, the shifting circle of endogamy is instructive of how castes and their practices are dynamic.

Sharmila Rege (7 October – 13 July ) was an Indian sociologist, feminist scholar and author of Writing Caste, Writing Gender. She led the Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule Women's Studies Centre, (the department of Gender Studies) at University of Pune which position she occupied since [3].

Women in Indian Patriarchy Indian society is rather a complex one, because of its construction of a hierarchical social order on the basis of class, caste and gender. He must hold belief that must be one thing to enact with Patriarchy, which isn’t very exactly a nice thing nonetheless he could perchance not hold realised the caste minefield he became once getting into into by posing with the placard on the digicam.

Mar 08,  · Caste and Gender The relation between gender and caste is intricately linked with the notions of Hindu religion in India. Therefore, it is essential to trace the historical background of caste system with regards to gender. The earliest distinctions appear in the ‘purushasukta hymns of the Tenth Mandala in the Rigveda’ exemplify the existing patriarchy.

Sikh Names: Beyond Gender, Caste And Patriarchy Sikhism as a philosophy roots itself in its egalitarian values. From its inception, the first Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak positioned it as an anti-caste and egalitarian ideology. The divisive caste system – in operation throughout India, “Old” and “New” – together with inequitable gender attitudes, sits at the heart of the wide-ranging human rights abuses experienced by Dalit or “outcaste” women. Both patriarchy and caste oppression need to be smashed.. but by holding up that silly placard, @jack ass made a causal connection between the two where there exists rutadeltambor.comrchy is prevalent in most cultures brahminical or around- do u see men in hijabs? · Twitter for iPhone · en.

The caste calculus inside BJP’s own house, & how patriarchy is holding back Priyanka Gandhi. ThePrint Team 4 August, File image of a BJP rally | Flickr. Text Size: A-A+. A selection of the best news reports, analysis and opinions published by ThePrint in the past week.

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