Computer science terms in spanish

This response actually earned a score of 9! Do not use specific numbers, strings, or dimensions of arrays in your code.

Computer science terms in spanish

A grade of C or better is required in any of these courses if they are used as a prerequisite to any other CS Computer science terms in spanish.

Students must also meet the University's requirements for a minor as described under Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees. After students have satisfactorily completed their undergraduate requirements, they must complete the remaining requirements in the MBA program. Additional information can be found in the section on B.

Linked Program listed at the beginning of the College of Sciences section of this Catalog.

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Students interested in this program should contact the MBA Program as early as possible. Linked Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Master of Science in Computer Science This program allows exceptionally successful students to earn both a bachelor's and master's degree in computer science.

Up to 12 credits of graduate coursework may be counted toward both their undergraduate and master's degrees in computer science.

Students must earn a minimum of credit hours for the undergraduate degree and 30 for the graduate degree. Admission To be admitted to the linked program, students must have completed at least 60 undergraduate credit hours with at least 24 credit hours from ODU.

At the time of admission, they must have an overall GPA of 3. Interested students who meet the admission requirements should apply to the graduate program director, after consulting with the undergraduate chief departmental advisor, as soon as possible upon completing the required courses and 60 credit hours.

In consultation with the graduate program director, a student will: Officially declare an undergraduate Computer Science major with the undergraduate chief departmental advisor.

Draft a schedule of graduate courses to be taken as an undergraduate to be presented to the undergraduate chief departmental advisor. Apply, during their senior year, to the Office of Graduate Admissions for admission to the master's in computer science program.


Students who have completed at least six hours of graduate courses upon attaining senior standing completion of 90 credit hours and who have earned a GPA of 3. Otherwise, in keeping with normal admission requirements for the M.

Once students have been awarded their bachelor's degree and fulfilled all regular admission requirements for the M. Program Requirements Students in the program will fulfill all normal admission and curricular requirements for both a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and an M.

Students in the program may count up to 12 hours of graduate courses, at the or level, excluding independent study, taken as an undergraduate toward both the bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science.

Students in the program may substitute computer science graduate courses for undergraduate courses according to the following schema. All students must complete an undergraduate writing intensive course in the major.

Computer science terms in spanish

Students may substitute and level courses for the upper-level CS electives in the undergraduate program so long as they have the prerequisites for those courses. Students will not receive credit for both the and level version of the same course.

Students in the program may make a written petition for other substitutions to the graduate program director, who will consider them in consultation with the chief departmental advisor and the instructor s of the courses involved.

In accordance with University policy, up to 21 hours of graduate courses taken as an undergraduate may be counted toward the bachelor's degree in computer science. However, only 12 hours of graduate courses taken as an undergraduate may also be counted toward the M.

This will limit students' scheduling flexibility subsequently. Like students in the regular M. Students are advised against taking all 12 of those level credits as an undergraduate, since doing so will limit their scheduling flexibility subsequently.

Computing Facilities The Computer Science Department at Old Dominion University offers a wide array of facilities, resources, and services to our faculty, staff, students and guests.

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This stability and resiliency is essential to maintaining a high level of service to over 2, users. It also houses several of our research labs, a multimedia conference room, and our network operations center.

Dragas Hall contains several instructional and research labs, our satellite administrative office, secondary conference room, redundant data-center, extended network operations center, and support staff offices.

Information Literacy for Former Engineering Majors.Spanish Translation of “computer science” | The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online.

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A maximum of four level courses can be applied to the program. At least three credits counted toward the computer science degree must be taken at the level from courses other than CS and CS Time Limit. Today, interest in finite-state models is vast and encompasses research in formal language theory, mathematics, linguistics, logic, engineering, and theoretical computer science.

Research into finite-state models of natural language continues because these models offer fruitful ways of approaching such matters as computational concerns.

30 must-know technology words in Spanish. Posted on November 3, by Living Language. First things first.

Computer science terms in spanish

In Spanish if you study Information Technology, (Latin America) a computer. 2. una tableta a tablet. 3. una impresora a printer. 4. el ratón the mouse. 5. apagar to turn on.

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