Corruption boon or bane

New Anti-corruption Law, Boon or Bane? Published Aug 13,2:

Corruption boon or bane

This single government decision touched all from rich to poor, educated to illiterate. As this decision touched people from all walks of life everybody has their own views and opinion about it. Whether demonetization in India is boon or bane?

For some, it is a bane, especially for those who stashed millions under their bed or in some bunker.

All these black Corruption boon or bane launderers and criminal must have got a clear message that their hegemony is over.

There is a leader who will knock them off for the betterment of society. On another hand, few political parties you know which are they ; trying to put a negative connotation to the whole demonetization campaign.

They do have some correct points like implementation could have been better, the government switched campaign claims from controlling black money to cashless society. But even that things turned out to be good. We Indians are embracing cashless transactions, now we are kinda pro with e-wallets and net banking.

There are always two sides to the coin, good or bad, boon or bane, pros and cons whatever you call it. As you are here, you must be preparing for your GD round in your placement effort.

Demonetization is the hottest topic in India, so there are huge chances that you might get this topic for group discussion in the interview process.

This is a hot topic in school and college discussion forums and competitions too. Group Discussion on Demonetization in India Here we are trying to give you points in favor and against the topic.

You can comment with your opinion on the topic in the comment box. Support from Citizens Demonetization is one the strongest and riskiest decision taken by the Indian government in a long time. This proves the mettle of leader, his risk-taking capacity and ability to tackle difficult issues.

With this demonetization campaign, PM Modi proved his mettle. The success of recent Maharashtra elections proved that even after so much of talk about it BJP as party win over Maharashtra election and swept Congress party completely.

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This hence proves that people of India support Narendra Modi decision of demonetization. Marketing Skills Yes, it is true that Prime Minister Modi first said this has been done to control the corruption and the black moneybut later changed the direction towards a cashless society or less cash society.

Corruption boon or bane

Whatever it is but even putting off earlier strategy and promoting the cashless society worked for the country.

It will be better for the Indian economy to have more and more electronic transfers, in the long term this is going to help control corruption in its own way. Indian people are now more comfortable with e-wallet and net banking transactions than before. One of such decision was Globalisation of Indian economy in Take out the problems, achievements, hurdles and political drama out of this decision and think from the leadership point of view.

It takes a big heart and guts to take such big decision which supposed to impact each citizen of the India. Prime Minister Modi is an educated risk taker as well as a big decision maker. When you run your country you also need to think like a businessman.

And one who takes great decisions is a great businessman. We can say that Prime Minister Modi is the perfect leader for India right now who can take decisions and implement them. Politics Yes, there is a political side to it also.

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Just imagine if the whole of India denied the demonetization decision then the opposite parties could have taken the opportunity to come back in the game. Yet again he defeated his political rivals. Foreign Investment Demonetization sent a positive message to the International business community, they see this as a positive sign for business investment.

On top of that GST will be simplifying tax structure for businesses. All in all, all this going to help to draw in more investment in India and eventually more job and development from it.

Implementation PM Modi asked for 50 days to normalise all the effect of demonetization but it took more that.

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From the above pointers we see the benefits of automation definitely overshadow the failings and I would conclude that automation in industries is a blessing in disguise in making the business process more effective and efficient, along with savings in costs and making the tasks more accurate and less time consuming.

It came as a surprise to everybody after our PM Narendra Modi declared on trashing the and rupees notes. PM’s move on banning the respective notes certainly may be the ray of hope to sweep out corruption and a boon to every tax-payer.

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