Dissertation research methodology secondary data

One of the key factors in writing a dissertation that successfully presents your research is the Dissertation Methodology.

Dissertation research methodology secondary data

Low Advantages of secondary research Whatever type of research you are conducting, always be aware of its strengths and limitations. If you look at the table above, you should already be able to discern some advantages of secondary research.

One of the most obvious advantages is that, compared to primary research, secondary research is inexpensive. Primary research usually requires spending a lot of money.

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For instance, members of the research team should be paid salaries. There are often travel and transportation costs. You may need to pay for office space and equipment, and compensate your participants for taking part.

There may be other overhead costs too. These costs do not exist when doing secondary research.

Dissertation research methodology secondary data

Although researchers may need to purchase secondary data sets, this is always less costly than if the research were to be conducted from scratch. As an undergraduate or graduate student, your dissertation project won't need to be an expensive endeavour.

Thus, it is useful to know that you can further reduce costs, by using freely available secondary data sets. But this is far from the only consideration.

Most students value another important advantage of secondary research, which is that secondary research saves you time. Primary research usually requires months spent recruiting participants, providing them with questionnaires, interviews, or other measures, cleaning the data set, and analysing the results.

With secondary research, you can skip most of these daunting tasks; instead, you merely need to select, prepare, and analyse an existing data set. In the past, students needed to go to libraries and spend hours trying to find a suitable data set. New technologies make this process much less time-consuming.

In most cases, you can find your secondary data through online search engines or by contacting previous researchers via email.

A third important advantage of secondary research is that you can base your project on a large scope of data. If you wanted to obtain a large data set yourself, you would need to dedicate an immense amount of effort.

What's more, if you were doing primary research, you would never be able to use longitudinal data in your graduate or undergraduate project, since it would take you years to complete.

This is because longitudinal data involves assessing and re-assessing a group of participants over long periods of time.Secondary data is one type of quantitative data that has already been collected by someone else for a different purpose to yours.

purpose to the original then the most likely place would be in the ‘Analysis of findings’ section of your dissertation. and this is what students concentrate on. Unfortunately, many research reports do. Writing your Dissertation: Methodology From our: Dissertation Writing guide.

A key part of your dissertation or thesis is the methodology.

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This is not quite the same as ‘methods’. See our page: Observational Research and Secondary Data for more information. How to Choose your Methodology and Precise Research Methods. Not all dissertations require a dissertation methodology section and accordingly you should check with your supervisor and/or course handbook as to whether your individual department expects one to be included.

Secondary research refers to data that has already been published and the re-examination of that data and further utilisation of it. So as you are considering the methodology and design for your dissertation or other research study, consider secondary data.

Rather than gravitating immediately to a strategy that involves. research methodology series An Introduction to Secondary Data Analysis Natalie Koziol, MA CYFS Statistics and Measurement Consultant Ann Arthur, MS.

Using Secondary Data in Doctoral Research. secondary sources of data, even when they So as you are considering the methodology and design for your dissertation or other research study, consider secondary data. Rather than gravitating immediately to a strategy that involves.

Dissertation Methodology | Advice | rutadeltambor.com