Enterprise system traditional silo view of

D More on Beasley July 15, Despite a lot of conversation about ERM over the past decade or so, confusion still exists about what enterprise risk management represents and how it differs from traditional risk management techniques that have been in place for decades. The paper provides links to other resources that can help management strengthen its overall risk oversight.

Enterprise system traditional silo view of

Tuesday, 23 September Poor Best If done right, Enterprise Architecture EA can be valued beyond providing a list of programming standards, drawing few class diagrams for application development, or defining consistent configurations for server builds.

It can be used to break the barriers that are groomed by the traditional departments within an Information Technology IT organization. Edwards, and Xcel Energy. No doubt that the function of IT can be complex but, the structure of the organization needs to be simple enough to clearly delineate the lines of responsibility by IT functions.

This delineation helps in achieving operational excellence with mid-level managers and their technical staff who work in day-to-day activities. When designing an IT organization, the team that reports to a CIO should be, collectively, well balanced with industry knowledge, organizational knowledge, and technical knowledge.

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Similarly, EA teams should consist of a balanced collective knowledge to ensure that they are positioned to break the barriers of silos. It should consist a team that can act as liaisons to work with the business side of the organization outside IT. Those who have been more than five years with IT will have extensive systems knowledge.

Rest of the team should have deeper technical knowledge in specialized areas to help set enterprise-wide technical direction. However, the new sets of Strategies for IT are no longer limited to traditional objectives such as cost optimization or operational excellence. They started expanding into Business Transformation as well as Business Innovation.

To provide the necessary ammunition for these CIOs to be innovative and transformative, the EA organization needs to provide technology directions that can bridge between past IT investments and the future technology spend.

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Financial Governance One of the core functions within IT is the financial governance. It focuses on annual budgeting and planning of capital investments for corporate-wide technical environment. Every IT organization that I knew has gone through this exercise.

But, only few such planning sessions are influenced by overall IT Strategy. An EA team must participate in the annual planning sessions without which it is next to impossible to bridge the silo-ed IT departments.

During planning sessions, when EA teams are able to readily provide details on application portfolio as-is as well as the future needs for emerging technologies to-bethey position themselves very well as the bridge between teams such as infrastructure and application development team.

Though the concept of the SOA seems to be more technical and helping to establish a structure around technology investments, it has deeper impacts within the IT organization.

Creating the real-time business with on-demand flexibility to the functional business has started changing the organizational structure of IT to look into the philosophies advocated by SOA. By providing such business architecture, EA can create platform for IT to extend its strategy that impacts rest of the organization.

It should be carefully planned to self-execute the mundane tasks and leave enough time for CIO to be able socialize with business side of the organization. The Office of CIO OCIO must consist of IT Governance to understand and manage the portfolio of investments, Repeatable IT Processes for smooth flow of operational tasks, clear lines of project accountability for effective delivery, and consistent standards for current and emerging technologies.

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From governance perspective, every project needs to be scrutinized by EA to ensure that the architecture fits within the existing environment but leaps with emerging technologies. From project delivery perspective, the design deliverables need to be clear and concise so that the implementation teams can carry forward with the detail designs.

In rare situations, designs may need newer skills which should be highlighted throughout the design.

An EA team can help build vehicles for rest of the IT by providing transparency of the technology environment and helping them become knowledge workers. With many corporate environments leaning towards purchased software and outsourced models, creating blueprints for the technology environment does not need to go to the levels of detailed architecture such as components and data-models.

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The diagram in this section shows a simplified model of highly useful information that can be built by EA team. The debate between the cost of retaining an employee versus the cost of a skilled contractor walking out of the door has been going on for more than a decade.

When an EA team builds technology directions for several facets of IT, the necessary technical competencies to be fulfilled by the IT staff becomes apparent.CORPORATE.

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In business management and information technology a silo describes any management system that is unable to operate with any other system, meaning it's closed off from other systems.

Enterprise system traditional silo view of

Silos create an environment of individual and . functional (silo) perspective of a business. • Identify how the process perspective keeps the big picture in view and how IT can be used to facilitate this perspective.

• Explain an enterprise system and how it is used to implement organizational change. Enterprise monitoring – the effective alternative to silo-monitoring – utilizes a centralized system and a set of standard procedures to collect, analyze, predict, and report on system performance.

What is Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)? This traditional approach to risk management is often referred to as silo or stove-pipe risk management whereby each silo leader is responsible for managing or elevating risks within their silo as shown in Figure 1 below.

They are the ones who have the enterprise view of the organization and. An information silo, or a group of such silos, is an insular management system in which one information system or subsystem is incapable of reciprocal operation with others that are, or should be, related.

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