Global warming in finland

Finland in the 21st century has a highly developed industrial economy and a standard of living that places it among the 10 richest nations in the European Union.

Global warming in finland

Global warming in finland

But for everyday life, the future has already arrived in urban Finland. Obviously, they have not. While us Helsinkians needed to resort to our spring jackets in June, globally it was the fourth-warmest June in years of modern record-keeping.

The wait for warmer summer days has made me focus on this topic, too. I was then invited to an urban policy forum in Yekaterinburg, Russia, to share some ideas how Finnish cities are making themselves outdoorsy and more livable in winter despite freezing temperatures and endless piles of snow.

While drafting my presentation, it hit me that the ideas I was going to offer were mostly things we have been doing in the past. But not so much anymore.


The cold and icy winter, at least in the southern parts of Finland, has slowly disappeared. But disturbing when similar thoughts drive local planning discussions right here. There are just two months in the year when people can walk or bike!

Helsinkians out for Sunday lunch in March. And public authorities resort to regulations that are based on calendar dates before anything else.

In the future, even more so.

Finland (Global Warming)

I wonder if these folks ever go outside. Some of these are related to saving traditional winter-time activities that have served as cornerstones for community-building, others concern emerging initiatives and trends for making cities more enjoyable in the age of a milder climate.

Life Melting Away Ice hockey has long been a favorite winter pastime across the nation. Growing up in the suburbs of the Finnish capital for ice hockey, TampereI also spent countless hours at the local outdoor hockey rink.

These days I play ice hockey in Helsinki.

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The outdoor rinks are magically communal places where people connect with strangers for the joy of playing. When I was a kid this hockey rink was the the main wintry attraction in my suburb.

You could also sign up to practice and play in a team. Those days are now long gone. Photo taken on Christmas Day But all this is now endangered. The winters are so warm that making ice has become nearly impossible.

The vibrancy of my childhood rink is now just a memory. And this is rather deep inland. The season ends at the end of February and, as in the photo, towards the end of March people are already preparing for the football season. At the coast, natural ice is even more scarce — if not completely a thing of the past by now.

Global Warming in Finland - Research Paper Example :

Sometimes even this type of ice-making is impossible or too expensive and the outdoor hockey season can get slashed down to just 2,5 months. It looks like the bigger cities will be only places that offer cross-country skiing in the Southern parts of Finland in the near future. Making ski tracks in warm weather is not cheap.

Same story for other recreational winter activities.

Global warming in finland

We used to have a municipal cross-country ski track run right by our house, but it has become a rare sight.To soften global warming’s impact on social sustainability, cities need to get active about adapting and keeping traditions going. Finland's chilly temperatures this summer have inspired many to .

Finland is receiving the brunt of global warming, as temperatures across the Nordic country climb faster than anywhere else in the world.    Global Warming Effects in Finland has to be careful about global warming because the climate is changing quickly and because of that Finland is leading the way in adaptation policy because climate change cannot be prevented but the aim is to minimize the impact.

Whereas the news of atmospheric carbon dioxide reaching a 'point of no return' made international headlines in late September, Finland might remain a happy exception that . According to linear trend tests, the mean temperature in Finland increased by °C in the 20th century.

The warming took place during the first two and last three decades of the century, while a slight but statistically insignificant cooling occurred in the time period between them. Finland (Global Warming) HISTORICALLY, FINLAND WAS a poor country, but in the post-World War II era, it transformed itself.

Finland in the 21st century has a highly developed industrial economy and a standard of living that places it among the 10 richest nations in the European Union.

Finland is warming twice as fast than the rest of the planet