Graffiti style writing alphabet with dots

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Graffiti style writing alphabet with dots

Tweet This is the final post of a three-part series. Read about the gangs behind the graffiti in Newton Division in part one and the different types of graffiti — artistic, vandalistic and gang-related in part two of the Know Your Graffiti series.

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Sometimes the ubiquitous graffiti in South Los Angeles is pure artistic expression. And while that message is menacing enough, it becomes even more dangerous when two or more gangs begin to go back and forth with each other.

Below, the 66th Street set of the East Coast Crips is defining the line where its territory begins. He pointed out how the entire hand forms an "E," while the middle finger and thumb form a "C.

In the second photo, one "Lady Ceebo" laid claim to at least part of a wall covered in tagging. One wall of graffiti laid out the elements particularly clearly. And as for the dead: Jose Luis is a fallen member of the 50th Street Gang. But the city has a much less poetic term for what the gangs might call honoring a fallen brother: Escalation And then there are the disses.

The graffiti in the photo below was tagged by Primera Flats. Whatever gangs the "G" and "T" stand for — if they come through Primera Flats territory, the Flats will kill them.

Taggers might also show a bit of artistic inspiration even while making lethal threats, like the 76th Street set of the East Coast Crips did in these threats to the Florencia 13 gang the flower, a derogatory symbol for Florencia 13, at left and the Grape Street Gang middle: Barron and Rocha were unsure what the rightmost symbol in the photo above represented.

They also said that the swan hanging from a hook through its head in the photo below is from the same Crips set to the Swans Blood Gang: The ultimate insult, though, is when a crossing-out is accompanied by a derogatory nickname, as seen in the photo below: Barron pointed to a tag on a liquor store that said "Hang Out Boyz," noting that whoever painted it was probably asked to do so by the liquor store, since it was so well-done and more intricate than standard gang tagging.

Then he looked closer. And they were still defaced by different gangs and taggers. Rocha and Barron said that anybody who lives in the area could tell you which gang runs which area.

In that sense, graffiti has become a cultural ritual, a vestige of the practical, functional territory-marking activity it once was.

graffiti style writing alphabet with dots

Enjoy part one here and part two here of the Know Your Graffiti series.Different Styles Of Writing English Letters Style Of Alphabets Writing Different Writing Styles Of English. SHARE ON Twitter Facebook Google+ Pinterest.

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You guys really seemed to like our alphabet post last time so we’re coming back at ya with some more writers take on the 26 letters we know so well. We hit up some big names in the scene right now and asked them to talk a bit about their style.

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Elements of (graffiti) style Arrows are a common symbol in gang graffiti, said Brandon Barron, an officer in the gang unit of the Los Angeles Police Department's Newton Division. Arrows signify "this area," he said – as in "this area is ours.".

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