How has policy for social rented

Approved by the OHRC: July 21, Overview Housing is a human right Housing is a human right. International law states that Canada must work towards making sure everyone has access to adequate and affordable housing. But some people, based on factors such as race, ancestry, disability, sex, family status and social and economic status, do not receive the housing rights they are entitled to.

How has policy for social rented

January 15, Share Story We can look at as the high-water mark for Silicon Valley — when its wave of disruption finally started to recede.

The pushback was a reaction to a string of bad headlines: Open hostility to women in politics. Discriminatory ads using racist keywords. Something broke online last year, and now fewer than half of Canadians 49 percent trust social network platforms, according to a recent survey see slide Now Canada has to look past the initial enthusiasm for social media and develop a better approach to its governance.

In radio and television, by comparison, Canada has robust processes for consultation and deliberation, administered by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission CRTC. Currently, governance of social media is industry-led by default, but this approach is proving to be untenable at a time of huge media concentration.

In Canada, the Internet experience is largely controlled by two companies: Google is the most visited website in Canada, and 68 percent of Canadians use Facebook. These two companies account for nearly three-quarters of the online advertising market.

Their market dominance puts Facebook and Google in an unenviable position. As they come to define the Internet experience more and more, they are increasingly becoming accountable for fixing that experience themselves.

Google and Facebook, along with Twitter, are scrambling to manage the issues associated with their platforms, as we learned when their lawyers testified before Congress in October and November about foreign interference during the last US presidential election campaign. Their testimony, as well as growing international evidencedemonstrates that these companies have struggled to contain their ill effects on democracy.

The federal election coming up in provides Canada with a deadline that should prompt us to reassess the governance of social media so far.

The analysis here of three major concerns builds on my past work with Elizabeth Dubois on political bots as discussed previously in Policy Options. Content recommendation is unfortunately a collaborative effort, as we learned in December after a false report by the French-language network TVA alleging misogynist behaviour by two Montreal mosques went viral.

Users and journalists as much as platforms decide what becomes easy to find online.

How has policy for social rented

Platforms, however, play an important role in setting the rules of the game. Their algorithms, which are constantly changing, push some content to the top of search results, but do they promote the best content or merely the most engaging content?

The most engaging content has been found to be also the most disgusting and anger-inducing.Watch video · Labour has unveiled plans to stem the loss of low-cost homes as new analysis reveals more than , social homes have been converted into a .

The scheme is known as pay to stay. It is unclear how many social landlords have implemented this approach. not to proceed with a compulsory approach and that local authorities and housing associations “will continue to have local discretion.” This policy only applies in England.

Housing, Housing supply, Social rented housing. Housing Benefit: size criteria for people renting in the social rented sector Brief outline of the policy 1.

How has policy for social rented

Housing Benefit claimants living in the social rented sector (which includes local social rented sector to make some contribution towards more generously sized accommodation or to move.

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Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) both provide needed financial assistance to many people in the United States who have mental health conditions.

The housing system of the Netherlands has acquired an international reputation because of its special nature and the way it has evolved.

In this contribution, we explain how the Dutch social rented sector came to have this specific character. We establish that the position of the social rented.

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