Importance of ethical behavior and its significance in persuasion

Ethics In this paper, I am going to discuss the importance of ethical behavior and its significance in persuasion. I will also define two ethical theories and finally, I will explore the impact that ethical practices have on persuasion. Persuasion is extremely important in ethical behavior. It is what mothers use to teach their children to make the right decisions.

Importance of ethical behavior and its significance in persuasion

It begins with ethics and develops into how one must communicate to persuade successfully and responsibly and ends with who must take accountability in a persuasive exchange. This ethical view of persuasion, the new persuasion, is more sophisticated, refined, and civilized.

The importance of ethical behavior is seen at the roots of human kind. It is the foundation of a civilization. We as people are guided by our ethical norms in the societies we create. These ethical norms guide our behavior so that peaceful communities may exist.

We know this is asking to much of human kind, but it is necessary to have a standard by which behavior is measured. Without rules, whether implicit or explicit, we have little protection from ourselves. Ethical standards differ across the world which makes them very important with regard to business practices.

An example of one of these ethical norms or standards is offered by Mathis and Jackson and is as follows: This seeks to hold a certain ethical standard even while doing business with other countries, regardless of whether those countries require the upholding of such standards or practices.

Even though this can create barriers or make for unfair advantages for other countries, it is a code of ethics that seeks to ensure that business done in the U. Another example of where we see these ethical standards put into place is in the organizational cultures of our business.

We know that the best way to teach is to lead by example and this statement holds true within our businesses. When a company is seen as doing something of questionable ethicality it can be irreversibly damaging. When damage is done it can effect a wide range of stakeholders in a company from the ground up.

It is more difficult to rebuild a reputation than to maintain one.

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Convincing someone of a reform after making a mistake takes much more effort. This makes ethical behavior very significant to persuasion. Ethical behavior is significant to persuasion because public communication has a responsibility to be crafted ethically.

Persuasion is a process. For all parts of that process to be successful it must be ethical. There is an wealth of variables to consider in persuasion. It is more than a sender crafting a message, it is more than the intentions they have in sending that message and more it is more than their ability to send it.

A conglomerate of media outlets could be seen as unethical means of communications if the masses they reach have less than adequate access to other opinions or messages.

That is what researchers are still working on. What we do know is that public communication has a responsibility to be crafted ethically. We need ethics because persuasion includes not only the motivation and ability of the receiver to process the message and form judgment, but also their responsibility for seeking out information that proves or refutes what is offered to them in a persuasive message.

If both parties are not held accountable for persuasion, then no persuasion is successful. Thinking of persuasion from an ethical standpoint changes how we see the process, and how we persuade.

It redefines the old persuasion into one that suggests that if we wish to persuade or change others through communication, we must be held accountable and do it on a more level playing field.

Importance of ethical behavior and its significance in persuasion

If deceit and corruption are allowed to enter the playing field then persuasion becomes something that would demolish the ethical foundation for which civilizations are built. Accountability on both sides is the new face of persuasion. This is why I believe persuasion as a positive, everyday occurrence is such a tough pill to swallow.

We have to be responsible and accountable. Ethics allow us to communicate properly, honestly, and respectfully. Persuasion is a necessary tool of communication and with ethical principles it can be used justly.

Ethics are the foundation of a civilized society, ethical behavior is important to persuasion because it allows for communication to take place in a humane manner, and its significance is marked by the evolution of a communication process that has been practiced and studied for centuries.Ethical behavior in persuasion is no exception to this rule.

The following paper will analyze why ethics in persuasion is significant, its theories, and the impact its practices have on persuasion.

Ethical behavior, as a whole, is a necessity in our way of life. Ethical behavior has, in most cases, been viewed as amoral when applied for persuasive purposes. However, ethical behavior is important to humankind and its impact is seen in involving the process of persuasion and understanding who is responsible for what.

Nov 11,  · The Importance of Ethical Behavior and Its Impact on Persuasion Ethical behavior is important to human kind, significant to the process of persuasion, and impacts persuasion by evolving the process of persuasion, and expanding who is responsible for it.

PERSUASION AND ETHICAL BEHAVIOR 2 The Significance in Persuasion and Ethical Behavior When Ethical behavior used for persuasive purpose, people often see it as moral. Often Persuasion used in unethical situations, and ethical situations, so it makes it possible to be seen as a moral%(2).

The Importance of Ethical Behavior and its Significance in Persuasion Ethical behavior is often seen as amoral when used for persuasive purposes. This is possible because persuasion may be used in unethical situations as well as ethical situations.

importance of ethical behavior and its significance in persuasion. Prepare a three- to five-page paper (exclusive of the title and reference page) detailing the importance of ethical behavior and .

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