Letter in response to bel mooneys

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Letter in response to bel mooneys

We know that in Babylon the god Nina was worshipped in the form of a serpent see Sayce, Hibbert Lecturesfand it is more probable that it is the worship of this god or of some other serpent deity that is here meant, than that there is any allusion to the Babylonian story according to which Marduk the supreme deity of Babylon engaged in a conflict with Tiamat the monster - foe to light and order.

But recent investigations tend to show that Babylonian mythology has not dominated Hebrew thought to the extent that was formerly thought, and with this statement Gunkel himself now agrees, as the last edition of his commentary on Genesis proves.

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Manuscripts 1 Greek There exist in Greek two forms of the text see below. This belongs to about the 9th century. This text has been printed also in Cozza's Sacrorum Bibliorum vestustissima fragmenta Graeca et Latinapart iii, Romae,and in Swete's edition of the Septuagint side by side with Theodotion.

In Tischendorf's Septuagint it occurs at the close of the ordinary text of the Septuagint. This most valuable manuscript has been edited and published by Ceriani. Recensions or Versions 1 Greek a The Septuagint Of this we have but one manuscript see above under "Manuscripts" and until its Letter in response to bel mooneys at Rome in what is now known as Theta was believed to be the real Septuagint version, notwithstanding hints to the contrary by early Christian writers.

It is much less pedantic than Aquila's Greek translation which preceded it, and its Greek is better. It is also a better translation than the Septuagint; yet it has many transliterations of Hebrew words instead of translations. This version of Daniel displaced that of the Septuagint at a very early time, for though Origen gave place to the Septuagint in his Hexapla, in his writings he almost always cites from Theta.

In his preface to Daniel Jerome points to the fact that in his own time the church had rejected the Septuagint in favor of Theodotion, mentioning the defectiveness of the former as the ground. Even Irenaeus died and Porphyry died preferred Theodotion to the Septuagint.

Field was the first to point out that it is the work of Theodotion not the Septuagint that we have in 1 Esdras, etc. It follows Theodotion closely, and is printed in Walton's Polyglot in one recension only of Bel and the Dragon and in a revised text edited by Lagarde in ; not as R. Caster and claimed to be the text of the book as first written, see below, "V.

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Principal Opinions It has been until recent years most generally maintained that Bel and the Dragon was composed and first edited in the Greek language. In favor of this the following reasons have been given: Origen, Eusebius and Jerome distinctly say that no Hebrew or Aramaic form of this tract existed or was known in their time.

On the other hand, the opinion has been growing among recent scholars that this work was written first of all either in Hebrew or Aramaic Some of the grounds are the following: A comparison of the Septuagint and of Theodotion of Bel and the Dragon reveal differences of a similar character.

How can we account for them unless we assume that Theodotion had before him a Semitic original? A very weak argument, however, for the translator might have corrected on a priori principles, using his own Judgment; or there might well have been in his time different recensions of the Septuagint.

Westcott DBI, a ; 2nd edition, a holds that some of Theodotion's changes are due to a desire to give consistency to the facts. But are these Hebraisms or Aramaisms?

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But the waw -consecutive exists only in classical Hebrew; Aramaic and post-Biblical. Hebrew, including late parts of the Old Testament parts of Ecclesiastes, etc. It must be assumed then that if the Semiticisms of this work imply a Semitic original, that original was Hebrew, not Aramaic The following Hebraisms found in the Septuagint and in Theodotion may briefly be noted: In verse 15 kai egeneto can be understood only in the light of the Hebrew for which it stands.

In the classical languages it is hypotaxy that prevails. If, as seems likely, those responsible for Septuagint and Theodotion followed a Hebrew original, they failed to make sufficient allowance for the peculiar force of the waw -consecutive idiom, for this does not involve hypotaxy to an y considerable extent.

The Greek word sphragisamenos has no sense in verse 14 Septuagint for, retaining it, we should read of a sealing of the temple of Bel and also of a sealing with signet rings of the doors.

The temple was "shut" and the doors "sealed. But the fact is quite overlooked that the obolus contained not only pitch, but also "fat" and "hair" see Bel and the Dragon, verse Marshall's suggestion involves therefore not only the confusion of two words spelled differently in Aramaic, but the substitution of 3 or 4 terms for one in the original draft.

Moreover, in Bel and the Dragon the several ingredients are made up into a cake with which the dragon was gorged. Marshall's view assumes also an Aramaic original which is a gainst the evidence.

Letter in response to bel mooneys

But the suggestion would not have been made but for a desire to assimilate the dragon story to the Babylonian creation-myth, though in motive and details both differ so essentially.

In favor of a Semitic original many writers have cited the fact that forms of the story have been found in Hebrew and Aramaic in the 13th century. Still other Hebrew forms of these stories have been found.Title: Griffin Poetry Prize shortlist announced Date: April 12, Description: The International and Canadian shortlist for the Griffin Poetry Prize will be announced rutadeltambor.com and location details are forthcoming.

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Letter in response to bel mooneys

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