Love song with two goldfish

I have noticed that the goldfish is more active in the earlier morning and later evening than during the afternoon hours. There are no filters or aeration devices needed in this smaller fishbowl since proper aeration is achieved by having an adequate top opening on the bowl, and also by the circulation of water achieved by the goldfishes swimming movements. Fossweb The water is kept at room temperature which is regulated by a thermostat set at 68?

Love song with two goldfish

That's similar to what I think we were all getting at. I'd say that parentheses symbolize the bowl which symbolizes a type of confinement.

Love song with two goldfish

Ultimately, since what she wanted was a life beyond the bowl, the bowl was an instrument in keeping her from what she wanted.

What worries me about what you said is that she wanted independence. I think a life beyond the bowl would be something more like freedom than independence.

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Also, whatever it was that she was looking for, could you say that she got it? She ends in the same place she started, but the relationship is over.

She's still confined in the bowl. I'd be more careful with wording too. I think "greediness" might have too harsh a connotation for the situation.

Love song with two goldfish

She had an impossible desire, but I'm not sure you could classify it as greed. One more thing is that, based solely on your post here, you seemed to focus more on her aftermath than his whereas the poem seemed to have more of a focus on his drinking like a stone, sinking like a fish, staring emptily through glass.

The most important thing is that you justify what you said and support any assertions you made especially if they are bold. How long was your paper? What were your favorite parts of the poem? I'm torn between the fishing metaphor, the "scales", and the back to back similes in the fourth stanza.The poem “(love song, with two goldfish)”, written by Grace Chua is about the relationship of two goldfishes.

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The relationship between the two goldfishes is similar to a young love story; a young boy falling in love and having a short relationship with a young girl.4/4(5). Library (love song, with two goldfish). About; Blog; Careers; Contact; Donate; FAQ; Partners; Press; Research; Español.

“(love song, with two goldfish)” Commentary “(love song, with two goldfish)”, by Grace Chua, is a humorous take on the kind of stereotypical romance that is often represented in popular music.

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Commentary on "Love Song with Two Goldfish" Essay. The nature of the relationships throughout the poem seems to change from a seemingly equal sense of love from both goldfish, to a more one-sided relationship in the last stanza of the poem - Commentary on "Love Song with Two Goldfish" Essay introduction.

In the first stanza the male character is said to be a “drifter”, this foreshadows. Jun 16,  · (love song, with two goldfish) (He's a drifter, always floating around her, has nowhere else to go.

He wishes she would sing, not much, just the . Jun 16,  · (love song, with two goldfish) (He's a drifter, always floating around her, has nowhere else to go. He wishes she would sing, not much, just the .

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