Magnetic research essay

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Magnetic research essay

Sunspots are dark spots on the sun. The Inner area is the umbra. The outer and lighter area is the penumbra. They are also very magnetic.

Magnetic research essay

They are darker because they are lower in Temperature. The umbra is about 11,mi. Around, the penumbra is about Double that, but they are often larger than the earth. The number of sunspots varies over a 11 year period in which the sun spots move from the top and move their way downward.

As they move downward the number increases. They diminish as they spread to the 7th degree of the solar equator. Sunspots have been known to stay as long as a few months, but most usually stay a few weeks to only a few days. Sunspots form in groups about 10 solar degrees apart.

Sunspots are storms on the sun. Electrcity from the storms equals what the U. The last time the sun had the peak number of on it was It is called a prominces. They usually last about 3 hours, but some last for a few weeks.

Promineces are aboutmi.

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Flares last only minutes but have the power of 10, to , hydrogen bombs and cause intense heat and radiation to hit earth.

It can cause a blackout of communication, and cause ships and airplanes magnetic compasses to spin wildly for a short time, and they cause small particles to get in the magnetic fieldsin the north and south poles.


As they come through the atmoshere they make a multi-colored glow in the sky called auroras. In the north it is called an aurora borealis or northern lights. In the south it is called an aurora australis or southern lights.

Sunspots affect the weather by Other sample model essays:Magnet Research. Magnet Aging Experiment. The magnetic properties can then be measured using an electromagnet and a pair of sensing coils. The B-H curve (normal induction curve) can then be calculated from the M-H curve (intrinsic induction curve).

Earth research Essay examples. Describe the evidence that shows that the Earth's magnetic poles are changing (both reversing and weakening).

Magnetic research essay

Explain the potential outcomes of Earth's magnetic poles changing, for Earth itself and for life on Earth. Some of his papers and research are nowadays located in the Tesla Museum, located in Belgrad (Cheney 22).

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Tesla’s key discoveries Tesla’s first major discovery was the rotating magnetic field. Magnetic Research Essay - MAGNETIC SEARCH Proton precession magnetometer is used in finding objects which are buried, submerged or hidden from view.

An object can be found directly where it is itself magnetic, or where it may displace material which is otherwise uniformly magnetic. My research focuses on how Earth’s magnetic field effects our environment, humans, animals, and our ecosystem in general.

The Earth’s magnetic field is very important, but it is unknown how much of an effect it has on the . Magnetic Separation Introduction Ancient people had already practiced the filtration process in the water treatment long time ago. There is evidenced prove it by the Egyptian and Sanskrit inscription, water was treated using as early as B.C [1].

Essay on Magnetic Field Modern research onMagnets Today Pierre curie discovered that.

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