Mexican paper flags

The only flags which bore an initial over the monogram, were those of the Chambers of the company, just the six of them. In their cases too, it was not on the "national" pattern flag, but on flags of their livery colors. The Cape was never a Chamber.

Mexican paper flags

E-mail the General After almost a year of research and effort, this latest project by designer Eric Cox and P. Wilson is is available for sale!

Mexican paper flags

With the help of contributors in Mexico, as well as the US, we found information and materials on Mexican and US military Colors and Standards never previously assembled. With our obsession for detail and accuracy, we devoted literally hundreds of hours work designing over Mexican and North American Flags in precise detail.

All designs are based on existing contemporary examples, the US Army Regulations ofor informed conjecture based on the surviving evidence.

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While intended for use with Gone To See The Elephant, these flags will work as well with any set of rules, large scale or "Skirmish. Where other companies sell small sets of flags of the most limited variety we have seen at least one pack containing 6 of the same Mexican Infantry Regiment!

The Mexican Army is represented in two Sets totaling some 60 flags, plus a newly added Supplement Flag Set with a number of other unit flags not available when the first were offered. A variety of Cavalry Guidons are provided for smaller scale games where these would appear, as well as many authentic Lance Pennants for individual figures.

Some extra National Colors are included as well. The Mexican Army had, or observed, no detailed regulations for unit colors, though most flags followed themes in the National Colors.

Based on the remarkably large number of Mexican Flags which survived the war largely as US trophies until repatriated byas well as others revered in Mexican Museums, it was possible for Eric Cox to represent flags for practically every unit which saw action.

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The eight original Regular foot Regiments each have a Regimental and National Color, and those raised for the war have the same, though with 28 stars showing rather than the 26 on the older flags. Stars and text are in silver, as was the practice for Infantry.

These showed gold stars, text, etc, as befitted mounted troops and artillery. The four Artillery Regiments which were represented during the war are provided with their Regimental and National Colors, though likely neither saw much, if any use, in combat. The Flags of Volunteer units have not been well documented, and our efforts have been among the first attempts to do so.

We have found some 25 images of surviving flags, as well as a number of contemporary descriptions. Special credit must go to Ms.

All of these flags have been reproduced for their appropriate units with as much historical detail as possible. For the many remaining units which went off to "See The Elephant," we have provided conjectural examples influenced by practices such as using State Seals or mottoes of local significance, etc.

These "plausible" designs are clearly distinguished from those of historical fact.Mexican art consists of various visual arts that developed over the geographical area now known as Mexico.

The development of these arts roughly follows the history of Mexico, divided into the prehispanic Mesoamerican era, the colonial period, with the period after Mexican War of Independence further subdivided. Mexican art is usually filled most of the time with intricate patterns.

After almost a year of research and effort, this latest project by designer Eric Cox and P. R. Wilson is is available for sale! As part of the development of the rules for the Mexican War, , Gone To See The Elephant, this definitive Collection of Colors, Standards, Guidons and Pennants for the Mexican and US Armies was an early priority..

With the help of contributors in Mexico, as. Mexican Hat Invitations. Get invitations with pictures of the Mexican Sombrero..

Sombrero in Spanish means “hat” and it is a symbol that is instantaneously associated with Mexico. Maracas Invitations.

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Mexican paper flags

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Click the Mexico Flag coloring pages to view printable version or color it online (compatible with iPad and Android tablets).. You might also be interested in coloring pages from Mexico, North American flags .

Mexican Decorations * Papel Picado Banners