No gun for asmir essay help

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No gun for asmir essay help

It recounts the story of Asmir brilliantly!

no gun for asmir essay help

It has wonderful characters with great description. The book feels alive and the scenes are developed brilliantly. I just wish it was longer Nov 20, Xavier rated it it was amazing great book if you are interested in war, realist, or if you like books similar to the Holocaust Jan 23, Nujhat Meherin rated it really liked it I I like to read this book Nov 09, John Gough rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It is so true that Mattingley, herself, and her grown-up son play important roles in the story — a modern adventure of war-time refugees fleeing for safety!

No Gun for Asmir begins with the savage civil war that erupted after the fall of Communism in the bitterly contested and conflicted territories of the former post-Brosip Tito Yugloslavia. Fighting breaks out around Sarajevo.

To escape the dangers of artillery fire and snipers, a Muslim family a mother and her children escape from the Serbian assault. Meanwhile, in sequel volumes, the father and his mother — the maternal grandmother are forced to stay during the long brutal siege. War, and religious hatred, are fundamentally irrational!

Yet at the same time Mattingley makes clear to older readers exactly what it is that Asmir cannot yet understand. Her words are so carefully chosen, though simple enough, the ordinary events so profound, though sometimes as brutal as our modern, often savage, world, that at many times adult readers will be close to tears.

Some are set in specific locations around Australia, while others are set in other places around the world: Many are set at specific times in history and need time-line research and historical contextualisation dates and date-sequences are mathematical.

Her true-life stories of Asmir and his family, starting with No Gun For Asmir Penguin, Ringwood,a Bosnian family with young children, displaced by the Serbian war against Sarajevo, require careful map-work and time-schedules to follow the routes to safety.

Making a family tree is a helpful way of understanding significant relationships, as well as the generational distances of time. This can be expanded to include characters from the neighbourhood. Similarly, sometimes a sketch-map helps make sense of locations, and their spatial connectedness, for events in some of the stories.

Fortunately, Mattingley includes the maps that a reader needs to locate events, and follow Asmir and his family as they travel across central Europe. It is also important to identify, and compare, the allegiances and beliefs that are the root explanation of the Bosnian war: This raises the historical and geographical and religo-cultural questions of even earlier times: Moreover, the lessons they teach although never in a heavy-handed, preachy, moralistic or didactic and teacherly way!

No Gun for Asmir has been widely recognised, and translated. Escape From Sarajevo has also been widely commended: John Gough — Deakin University retired — jagough49 gmail. It tells the story of a Muslim father, and his mother, caught by Serbian forces, in the brutal siege of Sarajevo.

It shows, with great sensitivity and insight, the deep psychological traumas inflicted by battle-experience. It is an inspirational, heart-stopping, profoundly challenging and ultimately uplifting story.Resources for studying the novel including: 1.

Chapter Analysis - Arriving in Austria (Chapter 7) A series of comprehension tasks with a synthesis task to finish with. 2. Chapter 10 - Characters and the Facts Examines characters in chapter 10 with students determining which facts belong with which character.

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No Gun for Asmir. By Christobel Mattingley. Favourite War has come to Asmir's home in Sarajevo. He is torn from his father, his home and everything he has known.

He becomes a refugee. This is a story of courage you will never forget.

no gun for asmir essay help

To help us recommend your next book, tell us what you enjoy reading. Add your interests. No wonder this topic also gets its share of attention in classrooms and every student has to write at least one gun control essay in the course of studies. Truly, gun . No wonder this topic also gets its share of attention in classrooms and every student has to write at least one gun control essay in the course of studies.

Truly, gun control gives the most fertile ground for debate.

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