Opposite corners maths coursework

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level: What do you think is going to happen in this video clip? Colourful Cube Age 11 to 14 Challenge Level: A colourful cube is made from little red and yellow cubes.

Opposite corners maths coursework

Posted 07 March - Um, unfortunately I have no idea what the "opposite corners" coursework is about. Maths coursework is rubbish and a waste of time. And it will be with us until Of course after about another ten years the exam boards will have forgotten how rubbish it was and bring it back again. Teachers don't really understand the criteria for coursework marking either.

And when they do figure out how it works, they realise just how little sense it makes. It is truly crap. Has your teacher already done something remarkably similar with the whole class already? Because that's the best help they can offer legally. Most teachers either give either far too little or far too much help because they don't understand how much help they're allowed to give.

Although with lower set kids it's almost impossible not to give too much help and virtually write it for them because otherwise they won't get any coursework done at all. General rules for the write-up I'm assuming this is the non-statistics coursework, in which case I don't have too much experience of it: Everything you do, describe what you're doing in painstaking detail: I am going to do I did this and found that For this coursework, you will want to find what happens when you look at a couple of different specific examples, then suggest a general rule, then test the general rule I believe.

No idea where you're at, but if you're looking for top marks I think you need to look at the effects of changing three variables eg, grid size, if your looking at number grids - but your teacher really should have suggested what variables to change.

Right, um, that's all I can think of.

Opposite corners maths coursework

If you can give me more of a clue what it is, I can help more. But it's anyone's guess exactly what the exam board will consider is worth marks.

Except your teacher's guess, and they'll have a copy of the markscheme. Great quote from the late Ted Wragg education chappy who lectured me once before he died last autumn I saw on Friday at uni: In order to make children more creative we should set them a tedious and pointless task, so they have to think imaginatively to avoid dying of boredom.

Opposite corners maths coursework

My all-subject key stage 2 test paper does precisely that: Answer all the questions. Write an essay on one of the following utterly pointless topics: Make a pupil achievement tracker for your teacher out of milk bottle tops.

B How many people would it take to dig a hole for all the reception class teachers in the country to bury themselves and their foundation stage profiles in?

Design an exam that no one wants. Go down to the bus station and sign up people to mark it. Lose half the papers. Compile a league table of them.

Send your league table to Margaret Hodge and ask her to say something stupid. Then write a letter to the Prime Minister asking if you can be head of his policy unit.

That first bit in bold is going on my wall when I have my own classroom. Yeah, so any help you wantOpposite corners are really simple.

Basically, you choose any number between 1 – The only numbers that you won’t be able to choose are the numbers along the bottom row (91 – ) and the ones running down the right hand side (the multiples of 10).

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Coursework & Essays Wednesday, 8 August Square & Rectangle Products of Opposite Corners I am going to investigate the difference between the products of opposite corners in a square or rectangle in a grid. I will find the information from the grids.

Maths Algebra - Opposite Corners. Welcome.

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