Personal statement for masters in mechanical engineering

A mechanical engineering masters personal statement is the document which enables a student to get admission in the mechanical engineering graduate program of the desired institute. However, only writing an ordinary personal statement is not good enough to secure admission in an engineering college or university, writing an excellent and flawless engineering graduate school personal statement is mandatory.

Personal statement for masters in mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement My ambition to study for a degree in Mechanical Engineering is inspired by my need to gain a more thorough knowledge of the science which is at the centre of my working life and business interests.

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I am applying as a mature student who has been out of academic life for ten years, and since I have been running my own engineering company, Techmeister Ltd, one of the leading onsite replacement services for hoses and other site equipment. The success of the company, combined with my own deep interest in design and manufacturing, has led me to make plans to expand the business substantially and develop it into a multinational concern, and to achieve this I myself need to master many more of the principles and methods involved in Mechanical Engineering.

I have a good knowledge of fluid mechanics and such systems through my business, and I regularly read Hydraulics and Pneumatics Magazine, but I am aware that there is much more for me to learn if I am to diversify my company. I am therefore keen to explore control systems and the analysis of failure in engines, environmental impact management, robotics, and the many other areas which govern the design and monitoring of the huge range of machines which make things move — from jet engines to artificial limbs.

Indeed it is the variety of devices and technologies which makes the subject so satisfying for the designer and manufacturer. My company at present deals with the maintenance and repair of site equipment, including hydraulic repairs, JCB repairs and plant fitting, and the philosophy of the company is to provide the engineering support reliably and quickly, since downtime of site machinery means delay and financial loss to customers.

We also sell equipment such as power tools, industrial lubricants, hoses and fittings. The success of the business and the high standing in which we are regarded by the construction industry are at the heart of my belief that we can expand into other Mechanical Engineering fields, from energy to sports and recreation — which also offers me personally the chance to develop my own knowledge and satisfy my endless curiosity about mechanisms.

I know that an application at this stage in my professional career will present challenges. I have been away from the academic world, and no one else in my family has been to university. Maturity has its value, however, and I believe that my seriousness of purpose and clarity of vision, as well as my enthusiasm for the subject, mean that I can approach a degree course with confidence.

I am keen too to set an example to my children of how the greatest achievements depend on knowledge and understanding before everything else. Standing back from the continuing operation of the company will mean that I must find a suitable candidate to run it in my absence, which is why I am applying for a deferred entry.

Outside my involvement in engineering I enjoy various other activities.

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I am captain and manager of a five-a-side team, organizing matches, kit and so on. My partner and I have a lot of fun at ballroom dancing, and I like to give something back to the community from which I make my living by working as a volunteer at the YMCA.

I am ambitious, strongly motivated and full of positive energy and determination. I enjoy working as part of a team, a necessity of my business life, but have the confidence to operate on my own and take responsibility for my own decisions. I work hard and am meticulous when it comes to detail.

I am totally committed to my goal and believe I have the necessary qualities and experience to make a great success of a degree course.This Engineering Personal Statement got him into Mechanical Engineering in Imperial College London, University of Bath, Bristol University as well as Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance in University College London – all top-notch engineering schools in the United Kingdom.

We can write your statement of purpose mechanical engineering If all of this sounds too difficult we are here to help, not every mechanical engineering student has the English or the writing skills required to come up with a truly inspirational statement of purpose.

Personal statement for masters in mechanical engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Kentucky provides an intellectually challenging environment in which to pursue advanced studies and engage in research.

The department offers programs of study leading to M.S.

Personal statement for masters in mechanical engineering

and Ph.D. Degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Personal Statement Instructions: Should contain at least. The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering does not accept mailed documents anymore. In the event you need to send something via postal mail, please send it directly to the University Admissions Office for processing.

Provide complete personal information, previous qualifications, financial information, and a personal statement. If you're interested in studying Mechanical Engineering in United States you can view all 30 Online Masters programmes. 30 Mechanical Engineering Online Master Programmes in United States. Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement The diversity present in this field has attracted me and it is consistent with my enthusiasm for Mathematics and Science. It has a lot of scope as well.

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