Value chain process of rak ceramics business essay

Room for imagination Room for imagination At RAK Ceramics we help to create icons, we help to build marvels and our products feature in some of the most iconic buildings in the world. We are known for our wide product range and our ability to produce bespoke ranges for both small and large scale projects, enabling our clients to bring their ideas to life. Our passion and expertise combined with this careful attention to detail enables us to provide you with a wide range of integrated ceramics solutions, allowing you freedom to be creative and plenty of room for imagination. Specialising in ceramic and gres porcelain wall and floor tiles and sanitaryware we produce million square metres of tiles and 5 million pieces of sanitaryware per year at our 16 state-of-the-art plants across the United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh and Iran.

Value chain process of rak ceramics business essay

Wahidul Islam Khan ID: Submission of the Report for the Internship. Dear Sir, With due respect, I, Md.

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Therefore, I firmly believe that, this report will be able to meet your approval. I would really appreciate to make further corrections where it seems necessary by you. Your kind advice will encourage me to conduct more work in future. Ltd because my major was also Human Resource Management at university.

In this organization my placement is in this field. This report describes my activities in that organization and also how the organization helped me to learn and gathering work related knowledge. Also how well I developed my skills and competencies throughout this Internship experience.

My main purpose of writing this report is to point out and understanding the existing process of Recruitment and Selection of Management level Employee and evaluate the process of Recruitment and Selection of employee with its existing policy, whether it is implementing or not.

Recruitment and Selection practices are the key factors to the entry point of human resources which ensures the success and growth of the organization. In this report the detail chain and sequence of activities belong from Recruitment and Selection Process for different level of employee including Management level.

Information has been collected mainly from primary sources and also some secondary sources such as reports, HR manuals and policy book.

In addition, some employees do not prefer giving out much information regarding my report topic. I hope this report would help to understand the process of Recruitment and Selection in Pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh from the perspective of an intern.

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd Page 6 Chapter: In Bangladesh the pharmaceutical sector is one of the most developed and hi-tech sectors which are contributing in the country's economy. According to the Drug Control Ordinance, the development of this sector was accelerated.

The Professional Knowledge, Spirit of work, Innovative ideas and thought of pharmacists, who are working in this sector are the role player or key factor for the development of this industry.

Due to technological advancement and globalization this sector is well developed now, and it is exporting medicines to global market including European market. Most of all leading pharmaceutical companies are expanding their business with the aim of expansion to the global market.

Recently few new industries have been established with high-tech equipment and professionals which will enhance the strength of this sector.

This is an amazing opportunity to work in a Pharmaceuticals company as an intern of the Human Resource Dept.

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The experience is always vast and diverse in the pharmaceuticals company in terms of gaining extensive knowledge of the Human Resource functions, Specially Recruitment and Selection process of employee. Since all the Pharmaceuticals companies of Bangladesh are practicing a standard Human Resource Policy for organization Success.

As the growth of an organization completely involves expansion in employee numbers, consequently recruitment and selection comes Taylor, OngoriRecruitment and Selection practices are the key factors to the entry point of human resources which ensures the success and growth of an organization.

Ltd Page 7 1.

Value chain process of rak ceramics business essay

History of Human Resource Management The History of Human Resource Management is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business.

The terms "human resource management" and "human resources" HR have largely replaced the term "personnel management" as a description of the processes involved in managing people in organizations.

Human Resource management is evolving rapidly. Human resource management is both an academic theory and a business practice that addresses the theoretical and practical techniques of managing a workforce. Human resource management has it roots in the late and early 's.

When there are less labor then there are more working with machinery.Value Chain Process Of Rak Ceramics Commerce Essay. This is an assigned project of the course "Business Strategy" the aim of which is .

Topic:Topic: Supply chain management of RAK ceRAmics BAnglAdesh ltd. 3 4. 11/30/15 OBjectives An over view on RAK Ceramics Overall value chain process of RAK Ceramics Primary activities of RAK Ceramics (like starts from supply chain management to delivering products to the end user) Support activities of RAK Ceramics.

5. RAK ceramics, Web. 30 November “RAK Ceramics completes renovation of 3, sq ft Sharjah showroom.” RAK ceramics, Web. 30 November “RAK's iDesign Tool, a custom-built application also available in iPad downloadable from App Store.” RAK ceramics, Web.

30 November Porter’s Generic Value Chain Support Activities Primary Activities Value added time cost Potential IS Contributions Project Selection Factors IS Planning Process Project Process Flow Model Project Evaluation Criteria Measurable vs.

Unmeasurable Corporate IS Strategy Objectives Typical Corporate IS Plan Typical IS Plan (continued) Project. Essay on Value Chain Analysis then an organization should adopt the various application of information technology.

This will put the organization at the forefront in terms of innovation as well as give the organization a competitive advantage (Hitt & . The Value Chain Process: RAK ceramics value chain process follows the traditional value chain process which starts from supply chain management to delivering its products to the end users and supporting activates like: R&D program, general administration and human resource management.

RAK ceramics is fully backward and forward integrated.

Value chain process of rak ceramics business essay
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