Walmart organizational behavior essay

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Walmart organizational behavior essay

Depending on which level of motivation the employees are at will determine the outcome of their performance, along with their satisfaction, and development. The entire elements combine helps to build the framework in the way the organization operates. Wal-Mart was founded by Sam Walton in While Wal-Mart was at their beginning stage their competitor Kmart was growing rapidly.

During that time Walton was only able to invest in 15 stores. In the s Wal-Mart offered stock which helped to expand the company with stores in 11 states. By the s Sam Walton was labeled one of the richest individuals in the United States.

In the first Supercenter was open offering grocery and 36 departments of merchandise. In there were 1, Wal-Mart stores and Sam Club. As of to date there are 10, Wal-Mart and Clubs location in 27 countries with 2.

Walmart organizational behavior essay

This strategy helped to build the foundation of Wal-Mart and by the s Sam Walton was labeled one of the richest man in the United States. Walton believed in order to maintain low cost for his customers, he would have to control payroll. When Walton passed away inthis issue was shed to light to the public in the way Wal-Mart treated their employees with unequal pay and benefits.

The negative press created a negative image of Wal-Mart and caused them to lose 8 percent of their customers. The new leaders of Wal-Mart took on one philosophy of Walton and that was reducing cost, but left out the key element of making their employees feel as if they had a stake in the company.

The high cost of low price began to have an effect causing Washington to get involved of the turmoil. The state of Maryland followed suit by creating a bill for large employers such as Wal-Mart to spend at least 8 percent of their payroll on health benefits.

Walmart's Culture - Supporting Success

Thirty others states are soon to follow with similar bills. Frank, Wal-Mart stated as a defense their company offers the lowest cost in healthcare benefits within their industry along with competitive wages.

Some employees have resigned because of their dissatisfaction while other employees feel their needs are being met within the organization. Armour, In the case of Wal-Mart the value theory of job satisfaction comes into play. This theory comes from the question what makes people satisfied and what do they value.


Wal-Mart continues to feel the effects and consequences by having a high turnover rate with employees.However, this organizational culture is relatively high-maintenance compared to the organizational culture of other firms, especially Walmart. Nonetheless, the characteristics of excellence, high energy and fast pace are sustainable because Costco has one of the best compensation packages in .

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Walmart organizational behavior essay

Transfer request letter due to spouse relocation good introduction. Organizational Behavior and Diversity: Transcript of Walmart Communication Issues.

Walmart The Solution The Company Facts/Symptoms Conclusion There is a growing consensus among Walmart employees that they are being ignored by middle management. Employees feel they don't have a voice. Walmart Organizational Behaviour. Topics: Wal-Mart In this essay, we try to explore those orgnizationuinal behavior factors that have created the Wal-Mart culture; keeping into considerations the values of ethics and modern business behavior, we try to explore Wal-Mart behaviors in the areas of organization culture, change management.

March 26, Essay Requests, Writing Tips Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Issue, Strategic Thinking, Strategy Story alexandra Course: MGT Title: Management and Organizational Behavior (3 units) “Inside an organization there are only cost centers.

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