Write a braille message

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Write a braille message

Braille in other countries World Braille Usage pdf is a comprehensive record of braille codes used throughout the world, covering languages, different braille alphabet and punctuation codes, and countries. Braille Fonts To write uncontracted braille letters on a computer, you first need to download and install a braille font.

These fonts can be used in Word or other applications. Note that simbraille fonts are often easier to read visually as a small placemarker is given for empty dots. It is recommended that the font size for braille should be a couple of points higher than for surrounding text.

Braille fonts will NOT give a correct translation from print to braille and should only be used by those without braille knowledge for the braille alphabet. Those without a thorough knowledge of braille are advised to consult with a braille transcriber or proofreader.

Braille activities and information for sighted children websites photograph courtesy of the Feelix library Braille Bug is a website for children from grades 3 to 6 to learn about braille, with information and interactive games, puzzles and activities.

Perkins resource packets about braille include information and games for younger and older children. Royal Blind national braille week activities include worksheets, games and flashcards to learn braille and have fun.

The Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness offer printable fun sheets with activities, colouring pages, suggestions of braille games to make, and instructions for reading and writing braille by touch.

Signmakers should use grade one uncontracted braille and follow these physical specifications for braille.

write a braille message

Please contact us for information on how your signs can be proofread for accuracy. Those looking for a braille signmaker may wish to consult our Directory of Braille Services and Products. Tactile Graphics Tactile graphicsalso known as raised line drawings, may accompany braille text.

November 21, at Other companies creating innovative new braille devices include Blitab, which, like the Holy Braille project, offers a device with multiple lines of braille, and insideOne, a hybrid tablet with a cell braille display built into the bottom of the screen and a Perkins-style keyboard as part of the touch screen.

Greetings Start the message with a greeting so as to help create a friendly but business-like tone. The choice of using the other name versus the surname will depend on who you are writing to. Braille opens up a world of information for children and adults alike.

Invented in , by Louis Braille, the simple raised dot system is still considered by many people as . This special Braille Trail® Activity Kit teaches you how to write your own braille messages!


The kit includes The Braille Trail® Activity Book, a Janus slate and stylus, two braille sheets with secret messages, a Braille Bug® Alphabet card, and a Braille Bug® Alphabet Poster.

National Braille Press is committed to publishing information in braille and advocating for literacy for blind children because the single most important gateway to opportunity is the ability to read and write.

Braille is a method of communication that uses raised dots as characters. Each letter of the English alphabet, along with the period and the comma, is represented by a two-by-three series of raised dots.

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