Writing a biomedical research paper pdf

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Writing a biomedical research paper pdf

Back to top Science and Education publishing SciEP is an ideal outlet for the publication of your significant research findings. Publication of your significant research findings in Journals of SciEP will enable your research to reach the widest available audience in your field of expertise. Your published papers will be available online with Open Access Policy and will be available for immediate citation.

Open Access — All the journals in SciEP are free from all access barriers, allowing for the widest possible global dissemination of your work, leading to more citations. Online Submission System — An efficient, easy, and user friendly online submission system reduces the overall time from submission to publication.

Rapid Publication — Online submission, rapid peer review and production make the process of publishing your article simple and efficient. Peer-reviewed — All SciEP journals have a high standard of peer review.

Plagiarism Policy Back to top Whether intentional or not, plagiarism is a serious violation. Plagiarism is the copying of ideas, text, data and other creative work e.

If the arguments are not found to be satisfactory, the manuscript will be retracted and the author sanctioned from publishing papers for a period to be determined by the responsible Editor s.

Instructions to Authors Back to top Online submission of manuscript is now mandatory for all types of paper. Please prepare your manuscript following the instructions for authors given below before submitting it online at http: If submission is completed successfully, a paper ID will be allocated to you and an e-mail acknowledgement will follow.

All subsequent correspondence should be sent to the Assistant Editor, David Rainat editor sciepub. Required files Manuscripts must be in Microsoft Word format only. Preparation of Manuscripts Manuscripts should be in English and written in a concise, straightforward style.

writing a biomedical research paper pdf

Authors not fluent in English are advised to have their manuscript checked by a colleague with a good command of the language. The manuscript should present scientific findings which are essentially new and which have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

Review papers are also welcomed. Prior to submission, authors who believe their manuscript would benefit from professional editing are encouraged to use language-editing and copyediting services. Obtaining this service is the responsibility of the author, and should be done before initial submission.

writing a biomedical research paper pdf

A template download is available to guide authors in the preparation of the manuscript. Although there is no page limit for a Regular Paper, it is strongly suggested that a complete manuscript be no less than 5 pages and no more than 25 pages 10 pt, double-spaced, including figures, tables, and references.

Articles should be organized into the following sections: Title 20 words or less The title should accurately, clearly, and concisely reflect the emphasis and content of the paper. The title must be brief and grammatically correct.

Writing a biomedical research paper pdf

Titles do not normally include numbers, acronyms, abbreviations or punctuation. They should include sufficient detail for indexing purposes but be general enough for readers outside the field to appreciate what the paper is about.

The title should be no more than 20 words in length. Authors and affiliations must be linked using superscript numerals. The corresponding author should also be indicated. Abstract and Keywords The abstract should be comprehensive but concise consisting of no more than words and should be structured to give a brief introduction to the study, main findings of the study, conclusions drawn from the study and their significance.

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Do not include references, headings and non-standard abbreviation. Please do not include any citations and avoid specialist abbreviations. Also provide carefully chosen keywords. Introduction Here authors should make a case for the study, providing a brief literature survey avoid citing literature older than ten years, unless absolutely necessary and background to the study, the hypothesis and the significance of the presented research.

Materials and Methods Experimental procedures should be given in sufficient detail to allow these to be replicated by other researchers.

Writing a biomedical research paper pdf

The source of the various reagents and materials used in the study should be given, where possible. Results The results section should provide details of all of the experiments that are required to support the conclusions of the paper.

There is no specific word limit for this section, but details of experiments that are peripheral to the main thrust of the article and that detract from the focus of the article should not be included. The section may be divided into subsections, each with a concise subheading.

Large datasets, including raw data, should be submitted as supporting files; these are published online alongside the accepted article. We advise that the results section be written in past tense. Discussion This section should present comprehensive analysis of the results in the light of any previous research.

Discussion may also be combined with results.Strategies for Writing and Publishing Journal Articles Karen L.

Writing a biomedical research paper pdf

Dodson Academic Publishing Services. Writing the Paper. Essentials of Writing Biomedical Research Papers (Mimi Zeiger) Title: Essentials of Writing Research Papers Author: dodsonk.

FOREWORD Leaders in healthcare technology management and safety established the American College of Clinical Engineering Healthcare Technology Foundation. 8 DEFINITION AND IMPORTANCE Authorship is the process of deciding whose names belong on a research paper.

In many cases, research evolves from collaboration and assistance between experts and. ScienceDirect is the world's leading source for scientific, technical, and medical research.

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Care Leads Here Get This Book All of us in biomedicine understand the urgency of getting experimental results into print as quickly as possible. Yet this critical step in the cascade from research conception to publication receives almost no attention in our formal training.
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Explore journals, books and articles. Downloadable Instructions and Form Files PHS Instructions - 1/ Revision PDF ( KB) PHS Fillable Forms - 1/ Revision. The links below allow for the downloading of individual and combined form files in MS Word and PDF formats.

2 Writing A Biomedical Research Paper purpose of our study as early as possible in the manuscript – certainly within the abstract and, if practical, even within the title.

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