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Definition Expedition Students in grades learn three ways to define a term in technical writing, search the Web for scientific text, then copy and paste sections into a Word document. Finally, they use the highlighter feature of Word to highlight examples of definitions within the text. Write a Number Story Make writing across content areas fun with this K-3 computer activity. Students use AppleWorks or Office to write and illustrate number stories.

Writing a newspaper headline creator

Buy Comic books were more or less invented in by Maxwell Charles Gaines, a former elementary school principal who went on to found All-American Comics.

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Superman first bounded over tall buildings in Batman began lurking in the shadows in Kids read them by the piles. But at a time when war was ravaging Europe, comic books celebrated violence, even sexual violence.

writing a newspaper headline creator

Marston held three degrees from Harvard, including a PhD in psychology. He is generally credited with inventing the lie detector test: In the summer ofOlive Richard, a staff writer for the magazine, visited Marston at his house in Rye, New York, to ask him for his expert opinion about comics.

In this comic she plays baseball; in other episodes she plays ice hockey and tennis and even founds a chain of fitness clubs. Smithsonian Libraries Marston, who was generally considered the inventor of the polygraph test, administers it to the secretary of his law firm in Smithsonian Libraries Marston far right questions a female subject taking a lie detector test, while Olive Byrne far left records the answers.

Smithsonian Libraries Marston insisted that Wonder Woman be chained or tied in nearly every story. Smithsonian Libraries The bondage of Wonder Woman echoed the iconography used by early suffragists cartoon by Lou Rogers, far right and feminists like Margaret Sanger right, protesting censorship.

Smithsonian Libraries Though Wonder Woman drifted from her feminist beginnings, she re-emerged as a symbol of female empowerment — even on lunch box sets like the above from She was also the niece of Margaret Sanger, one of the most important feminists of the 20th century.

They were both arrested for the illegal distribution of contraception. In jail inEthel Byrne went on a hunger strike and nearly died. Olive Byrne met Marston inwhen she was a senior at Tufts; he was her psychology professor. Marston was already married, to a lawyer named Elizabeth Holloway.

When Marston and Byrne fell in love, he gave Holloway a choice: Between andeach woman bore two children; they lived together as a family.

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Holloway went to work; Byrne stayed home and raised the children. He was looking to avoid controversy, not to court it. She wore a golden tiara, a red bustier, blue underpants and knee-high, red leather boots. She was a little slinky; she was very kinky. Bender, left with three children under the age of 3, soon became painfully interested in studying how children cope with trauma.

Inshe conducted a study with Reginald Lourie, a medical resident under her supervision, investigating the effect of comics on four children brought to Bellevue Hospital for behavioral problems.

Tessie, 12, had witnessed her father, a convicted murderer, kill himself.

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She insisted on calling herself Shiera, after a comic-book girl who is always rescued at the last minute by the Flash. Kenneth, 11, had been raped. That hardly ended the controversy. In episode after episode, Wonder Woman is chained, bound, gagged, lassoed, tied, fettered and manacled. In his original scripts, Marston described scenes of bondage in careful, intimate detail with utmost precision.

For a story about Mars, the God of War, Marston gave Peter elaborate instructions for the panel in which Wonder Woman is taken prisoner: Put a metal collar on WW with a chain running off from the panel, as though she were chained in the line of prisoners.

Between these runs a short chain, about the length of a handcuff chain—this is what compels her to clasp her hands together. At her ankles show a pair of arms and hands, coming from out of the panel, clasping about her ankles.

She holds her neck chain between her teeth. The chain runs taut between her teeth and the wall, where it is locked to a steel ring bolt. Marston shrugged it off. And never in psychology. Roubicek, who worked on Superman, too, had invented kryptonite.A Day of rutadeltambor.com Gandhi once said, “The power to question is the basis of all human progress.” Embrace that power by spending a full day or week coming up with questions connected to everyone and everything around you.

EDITOR: I would like to thank all the firefighters of the Central Platte Fire Department for the wonderful help on Sunday morning, Nov. With all their help, we were able to check and replace bad Christmas lights with bulbs and sockets on the buildings on Main Street in Platte City.

The first thing you need to know is the #1 rule for headline writing: The primary purpose of the headline is to get the first sentence read. If you hang around copywriting circles long enough, you’re sure to read this rule at one point or another because most copywriter’s view getting potential customers to continue reading as the number.

Hi Trevor, Glad to have found your blog! I shall be back! I can say that, notwithstanding Ryan’s comments that this information is for the s, that the other day I saw a headline ‘How I made $, in ″ which grabbed my attention very well.

Use this free newspaper generator to create your own spoof newspaper articles. Just upload a photo and add your own text, or choose from one of our pre-written silly articles. Or so, at least, it was made to appear. But, really, the name of Wonder Woman’s creator was the least of her secrets.

Wonder Woman is the most popular female comic-book superhero of all time.

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